Not As Weak as You think!!!


How many times have you watched TV and movies and saw a man needing to be rescued by a woman? Okay now, how many times have you been watching TV and Movies and came across a damsel in distress, a woman that needs some kind of saving from a man? Your answers are probably 5 to 1,000,000. It’s so classic that whenever there’s trouble in a movie, it’s usually the girl stuck in a giffy and the man has to go and save her because it’s assumed that if the man doesn’t go save her then she’s going to die or something else bad happen to her.

Ever thought there could be a plot twist and the girl actually kick butt herself and get herself out of messy situations? No, Never!!!!!!    Girls kick butt? Nonsense.

Well reality check, girls can kick butt! Thank goodness for the producers of movies that show strong independent women not needing a man to protect them.  “SALT” being one of my all time favorite movies with Angelina Jolie has this women who is out to save her fiance from a drug dealing association and also the president as well. Awesome!! A woman out to save men! Unheard of right?  I love how during the movie Angelina Jolie is fighting guys , jumping off of buildings, bridges, cars, etc., and just bouncing back up like it was nothing!


Sure there are instances where a man should save a woman but the media should really do a better job of also portraying men in distress and women saving them because women are strong as well. Most women are just as strong and daring as men, some women are sometimes even stronger than men.


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